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Business and Personal Growth - at the same time

A partner for growth – with a passion for people

We believe that everyone is a leader. Through our experiende we know that long term value and results are achieved by working with business and personal growth – at the same time.


Gaia Mindset

A holistic view

Learning and growth


Everyone is a leader


With the business at the center, we have, for more than 20 years, together with our customers, developed ideas, concepts, and tools to create long-term sustainable results. To create resilient organisations you need thriving people. And vice versa.

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Our own lab

At Gaia we have always been our own lab. We explore and develop our ideas within our own company.

In a transformational era with many challenges the thinking around organization and steering is changing.

Just like our customers we are contemplating how to unlock energy and engagement in our own system. 2018 we created our constitution in order to explore and experience the possibilities in a self organising system.

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Our thoughts

Reflections - blogs and pods


Business and personal growth – at the same time?
Gaia Leadership: Business and persona growth at the same time
Business and personal growth – at the same time?

Business and personal growth – at the same time?

Many of our ways of thinking around business and organizational development, leadership and management were born during the…
What is my intention?
Gaia intention
What is my intention?

What is my intention?

A simple question to ask myself before a new month, before a new day, before a meeting, or…
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