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For over 20 years Gaia has been challenging the view on leadership as something that only happens hierarchically downwards. We all lead and in many more dimensions than the obvious one.


This has been, and still is, one of our core fundamentals and a starting point from which we meet ourselves, our customers and our surroundings. During the years we have, together with our customers, experimented and tried different ways for this to manifest.

A system where everyone can make all decisions - how is that done?

2016 we started to play with the idea of challenging the traditional, hierarchical viewpoint on a systems level – not just the culture but also in all the parts of the structure. How could a non-hierarchical organization work? What would a complete integration of strategy, governance model and leadership culture to a wholeness look like? What would a reinvented Gaia look like? We didn’t start with a specific business target, a strategy and certainly not any KPI’s – we started with the dream of what kind of company we wanted to be a part of and co-create together.

2018 we started the journey towards becoming a true non-hierarchical system where we have transferred the power, and with that the responsibility, to everyone in the system – where everyone is the CEO and everyone can make all the decisions. How do we make it work? Well, it’s an adventure, constantly being in a learning lab – where we try, fail and develop. Where we challenge old behaviors and conclusions to be able to learn anew. It requires co-creation and many different perspectives, honesty, clarity and transparency. We have defined the playfield in a constitution. It describes why we exist, what we want to create, how we view the world, how we want to run our company.

The story of our constitution is created for internal sense making and learning – but we enjoy sharing it if someone outside Gaia is curious to learn more about our story to become a system that integrates autonomy and co-creation. Here is the whole story:

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