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A partnership with us can start in many different ways

“We have a strategy; how do we create ownership and how do we make it happen?”

“We used to have clear and concise goals that were easy to understand and create commitment around – that is no longer helpful…”

“We have doubled our turnover every five years. In the next five we will go from 10 to 20 billion. Will the same things that made us successful so far, create success in the future?”

“My management team is fully responsible for running their respective parts and they are doing it well. That is not enough…”

“I want to be a really good leader; I want to take the next step in my development.”

“We need to change our culture, we need a culture that consists of more entrepreneurship, collaboration, holistic approach and learning. We need less sub-optimization and bureaucracy.”

“In the turbulent times we are in, we want to support our leaders to achieve more with less energy.”

Integrated business and leadership development

For us, the starting point is always what you want to succeed with. This is of course about you and your context, and as a leader you have a number of tools at your disposal. You have your direction, strategy, and ways of working. You have your organization, your culture, and your values. You run different initiatives and projects. You have all your managers, your management teams and your employees. And last but not least, you have yourself and your leadership.

Gaia’s experience clearly indicates that successful and sustainable change is created when these perspectives are integrated and used consciously to achieve what you want to succeed with. We also know that the reverse is true.

Therefore, a partnership with us always begins with exploring these perspectives and together designing a powerful process that enables you to create the best conditions for success, step by step.

Customer stories
Gaia offering

At Gaia, we start with what you and your organization want to succeed with.

The answer will be the starting point for our work with you. To create strong commitment and ownership of what you want to achieve, we know, based on more than 20 years of experience with thousands of organizations, that we need to work in close partnership with you.

We work with you, rather than for you.

Business proposal

Gaia's approach to leadership is perfect for a growth company.

Head of HR, large group

The difference between Gaia and other consultancies I have worked with is that they work for management, you work with management.

Business area manager, global IT company

For several years, Gaia has been a key strategic partner for us in transforming our agency as a whole, in both structure and culture - bringing all the parts together and taking us to the next level.

Director-General, government agency

I wanted to be coached by Gaia to challenge myself and develop as a leader. I did not expect it to lead to measurable results so quickly in the business.

Head of team, international company

Gaia's way of interweaving the development of our business with the development of us as teams and leaders is unique.

Member of group management, global company

In both cases, the journey I have taken and the developments the agency has achieved are amazing and would not have been possible without Gaia.

Director-General, government agency

We chose Gaia as our partner because we felt that you really wanted us to succeed in the business, not just in leadership.

CEO, global company

We chose Gaia in the global competition because they challenge a traditional way of looking at leadership - and we see this as crucial for us in meeting our future business landscape.

HR Director, listed group

When I am clear on the issue and know exactly what I need, I can turn to the big US consulting firms BUT when I am not even clear on the issue then I call Gaia.

CEO, Swedish group

I have dramatically broadened my perspective on leadership and management and have seriously changed my way of living/acting both at work and at home.

Participant, Gaia's top management program senior managers in municipalities