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CEO, Swedish international listed company:

We had a history of doubling our company’s turnover every five years. We had just reached SEK 10 billion and were looking at the next five-year period. In the group management team, we realized that going from 10 to 20 is a completely different journey than going from 5 to 10. We realized that it was about questioning our strategy, ourselves, our leadership, our team, in fact questioning everything.

In this we looked for a partner. We had many in depth conversations with Gaia before we started.

This is now a little over five years ago. And yes, we reached the goal of doubling our turnover again! Gaia has been our partner in working with the group management, the next level management teams as well as the managers in our different business areas and markets.

Meeting Gaia makes us better and I think the results speak for themselves.

Meeting with Gaia makes us better and I think the results speak for themselves.

CEO, state-owned company:

We realized that we needed to transform our entire operation in both structure and culture to continue to be successful – and we chose Gaia because they could truly be a partner in all these different parts and bring it all together.

We started by deepening our mission, why we exist and what we want to achieve. Based on that, we identified our key strategic shifts. Next, we chiseled out our most important core processes as well as the organizational structure and governance model that would be most helpful for us to succeed in what we wanted.

Integrated with that whole journey, we of course also needed to work with the people and our mindset, so in parallel Gaia supported us in our management team development, leadership development and cultural shift. Working from a holistic perspective and with systems thinking were crucial aspects of our transformational success.

Municipal Director, Swedish municipality:

Our collaboration with Gaia was based on a curiously exploratory and challenging partnership. For me as the head of the municipality, Gaia’s main consultant became a strategic reflection partner who, in addition to sparring me in relation to the challenges we faced, also opened the door to exciting networks and relationships in different sectors of society.

Together with Gaia, I worked with my management team where we shaped the strategic direction of the municipality while developing as a group and in our personal leadership. In addition to this, we established a systematic way of working with other managers and key people.

Gaia was also the municipality’s partner when the political and civil service leadership together formed a new governance model.

How much of your overall potential are you using today?

CEO, large international Swedish company

When we started working with Gaia, they asked us a thought-provoking and challenging question. We were in a wave of success after several years with exceeding expectations regarding both growth and profitability.

The question was: “How much of your overall potential are you using today?”

We were both proud of and satisfied with our achievements, but still our answer was: “Maybe 50%”. This is where the partnership with Gaia started.

The next question for us was: “What would we achieve if we used more of our collective potential? What would be possible?”

We worked with Gaia in our management team to varying degrees for about three years. The first development effort lasted three quarters.

Today we work with our board in a completely different way, we interact and make decisions much more efficiently and the development journey has had great effects not only for us in management, but it has also created clear effects in our organization. Of course, we have done the work ourselves, but Gaia’s way of challenging and supporting us in the strategy work, in leadership and in the personal aspect has been essential.

Gaia became a partner in both the board's and the management's work

Head of agency, government agency:

I had never worked with Gaia when they won a framework contract procured through the HR function.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations when I first met the lead consultant, but I quickly realized that I was meeting a consultant who understood the context in which I was operating as a head of a government agency.

When it became evident that the agency’s focus needed to change, the joint operational and leadership development program, which we designed together with Gaia and which involved most of the agency’s managers and key personnel, became a very important element in our change process.

CEO, group in the tourism industry:

When I, as CEO of a medium-sized company in the tourism industry, realized that I, together with the owner, board, and other management, needed to seriously test our strategic direction, I contacted one of Gaia’s consultants on recommendation.

Gaia became a partner in both the board’s and management’s work on deepening and in some respects changing the strategic direction while strengthening our ability to co-create with each other.

I dare to say that if we had not carried out this initiative before the pandemic broke out, we would not have had the ability to come out strong and then perform at an all-time high in both 2022 and 2023. Gaia was also an important source of inspiration in finding an energizing way to involve the company’s employees in our change work.

The management team needed to shift so that each member would look at the company as a whole and not see themselves as representatives of their respective areas of responsibility

CEO, transportation company:

The CEO approached Gaia because he realized that the management team needed to work in a new way in the changing world we live in. He saw that the management team needed to shift so that each member would look at the company as a whole and not see themselves as representatives of their respective areas of responsibility.

The CEO had previously participated in a top management program at Gaia and liked Gaia’s way of working with people and business at the same time. A broad objective was formulated:

  • Increase job satisfaction and psychological safety
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Increase knowledge of modern leadership
  • Set the company’s future and strategy

An important part was also to create consensus on the task and real purpose of the management team.

The management team now works in a new way, but the initiative has also had ripple effects on the various departments.

Business proposal

Gaia's approach to leadership is perfect for a growth company.

Head of HR, large group

The difference between Gaia and other consultancies I have worked with is that they work for management, you work with management.

Business area manager, global IT company

For several years, Gaia has been a key strategic partner for us in transforming our agency as a whole, in both structure and culture - bringing all the parts together and taking us to the next level.

Director-General, government agency

I wanted to be coached by Gaia to challenge myself and develop as a leader. I did not expect it to lead to measurable results so quickly in the business.

Head of team, international company

Gaia's way of interweaving the development of our business with the development of us as teams and leaders is unique.

Member of group management, global company

In both cases, the journey I have taken and the developments the agency has achieved are amazing and would not have been possible without Gaia.

Director-General, government agency

We chose Gaia as our partner because we felt that you really wanted us to succeed in the business, not just in leadership.

CEO, global company

We chose Gaia in the global competition because they challenge a traditional way of looking at leadership - and we see this as crucial for us in meeting our future business landscape.

HR Director, listed group

When I am clear on the issue and know exactly what I need, I can turn to the big US consulting firms BUT when I am not even clear on the issue then I call Gaia.

CEO, Swedish group

I have dramatically broadened my perspective on leadership and management and have seriously changed my way of living/acting both at work and at home.

Participant, Gaia's top management program senior managers in municipalities