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We have always built our company, our Gaia, on a few fundamental beliefs: our faith in the inherent power and ability of human beings together with our conviction that successful businesses are created by people using more of their potential. From this, our core has evolved and expanded, knowing that strong performance and sustainable development require an integration of the part and the whole where both people and business can grow.

As we look around the world today, with an increasingly difficult to navigate business landscape, increasing complexity, rapid and unpredictable change and interdependence, we see that what we believe in and stand for has never been more important. How do we unleash the power of our organizations? How do we create both development and growth while strengthening our focus on creating sustainable value? How can we lead and manage the organizations of today and tomorrow to meet the increasing pace of change?

For us, four cornerstones, or four individual and organizational capabilities, emerge that will be crucial to help us both lead in a transformative time and harness people’s potential and commitment:

  • A strong holistic approach
  • Focus on learning and development
  • Co-creation and caring
  • And finally, the component that acts as a catalyst for the others: a new approach to leadership where everyone is a leader

Gaia Mindset is based on these four components. They have a crucial impact on how we organize ourselves, but above all this needs to be based on and carried by the people in the organization and by interpersonal relationships. It is in you, in me and in us together that the journey starts – the really strong change is the one that comes from within.

We have summarized our thoughts on this in a text, which is primarily aimed at those who have already met us in some context and aims to deepen what we stand for. It is available in Swedish (English translation available soon) via the button below for anyone who is curious. Because we are happy to tell you more about our core, about Gaia Mindset. We hope you will be inspired by what you read, and by sharing your and others’ experiences, insights and ideas, Gaia Mindset will continue to evolve. Because we truly believe that it makes a difference if many people join us in creating resilient organizations built by thriving people.

Gaia Mindset

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